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China's outstanding electric vehicle companies - BYD Automobile, Xiaopeng Automobile Weilan Automobile Feifan Automobile, and SAIC Group, FAW Group, Changan Automobile, Dongfeng Motor. Jianghuai Automobile, Mazda Automobile, etc.

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Our Advantage

What we could supply?

Till now, Tianjin Yigang has built stable cooperation with top EV brands by virtue of the wide sales network, including TESLA, BMW, AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN, NISSAN, TOYOTA, HONDA, HYUNDAI, PEUGEOT, FORD, BUICK, BYD, XPENG, NIO, WELTMEISTER, HONGQI, CHANGAN etc., specially authorized by some famous brands as distributors for global trading.

Competitive price

Tianjin Yigang has established close cooperation with some EV brand manufacturers and usually take cars with the quantity of several hundreds, so we can give customers very good price.

Stable supply chain

Establish close cooperation with EV factories and book BYD/Toyota/Volkswagen production lines to assemble cars exclusively for us to guarantee rich available cars.

Continuous fast delivery

With stable supply chain, we book vessels from shipping company directly, so that we can get the best freight and promise our customers best delivery time.

Complete after-sales service

We have professional after-sales service team, dealing with any problems faced from customers and helping customers buy for EV in shortest time. Their quick response helps win good reputation for Tianjin Yigang.